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James W. Sutton Experienced Injury Attorney

When is an experienced and thorough personal injury attorney needed? Injuries sustained due to the fault of another party including irresponsible action, negligence, or illegal action are all cases where James W. Sutton Attorney at Law can assist you. Our professional Pennsylvania and New Jersey personal injury law firm handles a broad range of matters including, but not limited to, highway accidents, workers compensation, medical negligence, and premises liability.

How do you know we will be a good fit for your situation? Aside from our over 24 years of practice and robust personal injury recovery history, it is our individualized attention that our clients enjoy. When you are injured, you need an attorney that works hard and listens to you, and both of those are qualities of the personal injury law firm James W. Sutton Attorney at Law.

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You Are Injured, We Can Help

Medical bills, lost wages, emotional distress, and more are impediments to your life that occur as a result of a serious injury. We are here to help you through this time and clearly lay out your options tailored to your particular personal injury situation. Whether your accident was vehicle, medical, slip and fall, or work related, we have the experience to guide you through the process.

Also, our firm is experienced in trials for personal injury. It is important to have an experienced trial lawyer on your side as each case is different and the course needed to get you the results you need should not be hindered. Put us on your team, and we will give you comprehensive counsel for your needs.