Negligent Construction

Negligent Construction

We believe that negligent construction must be met with a strong legal response, and the offices of James W. Sutton III can help you litigate your case properly. A case may be made that a construction firm did not act in good faith when working for you, and this article explains what may be done to ensure you are given the compensation you are due.

Investigation Services

The offices of James W. Sutton III will investigate your case quite carefully and your case will be given the time that it deserves. All cases must have sufficient evidence if they are to go forward and the lawyers in our office will go forward with cases that have sufficient evidence to file suit. The suit for negligent construction that occurs may happen for a number of reasons.

What Constitutes Negligent Construction?

Negligent construction includes circumstances in which an individual has been harmed or lost money due to poor building quality. There are instances when the construction company used poor materials that have caused injury and the materials they used may have caused people who have come into contact with them to become ill. The materials that were used in the job may have caused other damages.

Remuneration in Negligent Construction

Remuneration in a negligent construction case is quite complex as the people who are accused of wrongdoing may need to pay for the medical expenses of the client, pay for repairs or pay for other damages deriving from the negligent construction.

Contact Our Negligent Construction Attorneys

Individuals who contact negligent construction attorneys for help will be provided with a free consultation to discuss their case. Attorney James (Jamie) W. Sutton, III offers an honest assessment of the case. Contact our law office in Feasterville, Pennsylvania today for answers to many of the questions that you may have. We serve clients throughout Pennsylvania, including residents of Bensalem and Levittown.