Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence is an important legal area that is handled by lawyers in the offices of James W. Sutton III. There are quite a few people who may find that nursing home negligence has occurred, and this article explains how the lawyers in the practice help the client. The list below explains basic examples of negligence in which you should seek the advice and counsel of a legal professional.

Nursing Home Negligence Claims

If you suspect that your loved one was harmed by the negligence of a care provider in a nursing facility you should consult with an attorney that handles such claims with regularity. The lawyer will collect as much information as they are able, and will help their client understand what is within the bounds of the law. There are certain things that create the basis of a lawsuit and there are others that simply do not meet the requirements for legal action.

Anyone who has witnessed negligence may bring it to the attention of their attorney, and someone who has been the victim of negligence should seek the assistance of a lawyer to help them build a case. The claims that come to the office may cover a number of topics and there are quite a few people who may bring a complaint against the nursing home or home care professional.

Nursing Home Abuse

Out and out abuse is a common issue among seniors, and anyone who believes they have been abused must explain the situation to a lawyer. Abuse may include hitting, starvation or refusal to medicate. The care may be denied because of behavior, and the senior may feel as though they are being emotionally abused when they are in the care of another.

Lack Of Medical Attention

A lack of medical attention is an abusive act that may occur when the staff of a nursing home does not provide the medical care that is clearly needed. Someone who wishes to report nursing home negligence should document all the times that someone was not given the care that they require.

Nursing Home Neglect

There are quite a few people in nursing homes who are not given food when they should be or neglected in some other manner. It is best to be able to document how long someone was forced to go without food also including what the patient was fed when a care technician finally provided the care that was required.

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The law offices of James W. Sutton III will serve clients who have nursing home negligence complaints. They will help clients understand what their options are, and they will explain how the legal process works. Nursing home negligence is actionable and it must be addressed as soon as possible after the abuse occurs. Call attorney Jamie Sutton and our legal team at (215) 364-7900 for a free consultation. We serve residents of Feasterville, Bensalem, Levittown and beyond.