Bus Accidents

Bus Accidents

A charter bus accident on May 16, 2017, occurred in Maryland carrying school children on a field trip. This bus went off the road, over an embankment, and even broke a tree in half before coming to a screeching halt. Over 25 terrified children received injuries in the course of this event and as far as the parents know the investigation into the cause of the bus crash is still pending. Every single day in the United States commuters encounters similar situations. The causes of bus accidents ranges from improperly trained bus drivers to road signs being ignored by the driver. Regardless of the causes of a bus crash, providers of transportation are responsible for and legally obligated with ensuring passengers arrive safely at their destinations. If you were involved in a bus crash, then call James (Jamie) W. Sutton III, a personal injury attorney handling lawsuits and claims for victims of bus accidents.

Many commuters are not aware of this but the liability of a transportation provider depends upon whether the bus is publically or privately owned and operated. Public transportation providers have very strict rules to follow in the transportation licensing, and training of their drivers. If the public transportation provider has been negligent in ensuring the safe transport commuters, it could significantly impact the outcome of bus accident claims and lawsuits. Without proper legal knowledge of the legal requirements, an average passenger wouldn’t know where to start with the documentation process required to bring about a lawsuit.

On the other hand, there are also private bus carriers that transport people and sometimes goods. You can recognize a private carrier as being part of a shuttle or tour bus company, the private bus lines that shuttle passengers to airports, school buses, or chartered buses for trips. These companies don’t necessarily need to meet the same strict conditions as a public carrier which can result in negligence when it comes to proper training. Jamie Sutton will help you handle your bus accident claim and potential lawsuit due to the negligence of these private carriers.

There are many factors involved with personal injury settlements involving bus accidents:

  • Was the bus a private or public transport?
  • Was the driver properly trained?
  • Did the driver have a past driving record?
  • Where was the bus manufactured?
  • Did the accident occur on the road or while at a rest stop along the way?
  • Where did the bus accident happen?

Only after examining the possible negligence leading to bus accidents and after those involved receive the proper medical care and treatment should a settlement be discussed.

Contact Our Bus Accident Attorney

Jamie W. Sutton III is well prepared to conduct a thorough investigation into the facts and circumstances surrounding your personal injury claim to help you get the compensation that you deserve. Transportation carriers may have unethical practices where they will try to offer you or a loved one a minuscule settlement after an accident as a means to quickly sweep the mess under the rug. Do not hesitate to contact us when this happens and do not sign anything! Many times after a bus accident the carrier will try to settle before the accident victim has time to discover that the company had been negligent.

If you have gone through the pain and suffering from a bus crash, or a bus crash where a loved one died, then you will need the help of a qualified legal representative. James W. Sutton III will fight to get the compensation you are rightfully entitled to due from your bus accident or your loved one’s fatal bus accident. We have law offices in Feasterville, Pennsylvania and serve nearby areas like Bensalem, Levittown and more.