$3,300,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement.
The case involved allegations that the client was provided with excessive sodium during a hospital stay, an over-correction of his low sodium level, causing central pontine myelinolysis (a brain related injury). 

$1,982,000.00 – Low impact Motor Vehicle Accident with minimal property damage.
Our client’s vehicle was struck by three other motor vehicles due to icy road conditions. Client ultimately had three unsuccessful lumbar spinal fusion surgeries and reported ongoing pain.

$950,000.00 Wrongful Death Settlement.
Multi-jurisdictional matter, wherein a client from New York  was riding as a passenger in a car in Pennsylvania, when his girlfriend lost control of the vehicle, causing a one-car accident which caused the death of our client.  There were many complicated issues related to insurance coverage limits from other jurisdictions and choice of law issues.

$925,000.00 – Wrongful Death/Motor Vehicle Accident that caused a fractured humerus.
After conservative treatment, an open reduction internal fixation surgery was performed. Client suffered a stroke soon after the surgery and ultimately passed away.

$900,000.00 Personal Injury Settlement. 
Our client was blowing leaves as a landscaper, when a tree that had been dead for approximately 4-5 years, fell onto him, causing multiple serious and permanent personal injuries.  This case involved multiple defendants, including the property owners and the property owners’ expert tree consulting company.

$865,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident resulting in a fractured humerus.
Client underwent three surgical procedures and lost a considerable use of her right hand.

$850,000.00 Dram Shop Settlement.
Motorcycle accident matter involving the over-service of alcohol to two patrons.  The Plaintiff was very seriously injured and sustained spinal related injuries, resulting in lumbar fusion surgery.

$850,000.00 – Sexual Abuse Case against a Pennsylvania High School.
The Client was a 17 year old female, who had sexual relations with an adult male School District Employee.

$775,000.00 – Medical Malpractice Verdict.
Client suffered an ankle fracture that required an open reduction internal fixation surgical procedure. The Complaint alleged that the surgeon failed to properly re-align the ankle fracture, which resulted in an additional surgical procedure and permanent nerve damage.

$656,500.00 Premises Liability Settlement. 
Elderly woman was injured when a mechanical door improperly closed on her arm, resulting in her falling back and striking her head.  Months later she passed away and the allegation was that she passed away as a result of the injuries she sustained in the accident. 

$650,000.00 – Dram Shop Case.
Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury when struck by a drunk driver. The case was tried on liability and Plaintiff was successful in obtaining a 60% verdict against the drunk driver and 40% against the bar. The case settled during the second trial regarding damages.

$600,000.00 – Dram Shop/Wrongful Death Case.
Our client was over-served by a bar establishment and was killed in a motor vehicle accident. We obtained the policy limits from the other vehicle and settled with the bar (which had no insurance coverage).

$510,000.00 Products Liability Settlement.
Combined settlement from a motor vehicle accident where a defendant driver rear ended the plaintiff, resulting in massive personal injuries, including severe cervical spine injuries, with multiple spine surgeries.  The other driver alleged his vehicle’s lane departure warning device malfunctioned. 

$495,000.00 – Wrongful Death – Accidental Death and Dismemberment ERISA Case.
We achieved a verdict of the policy limits. Counsel was successful at a bench trial, convincing the Judge that the insurance company improperly denied the client the accidental death benefits under the insurance policy. This matter went on appeal to the Third Circuit Court of Appeals and we were successful in the appeal (which made new law in this Jurisdiction). Counsel was also awarded interest and attorney’s fees.

$475,000.00 – Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death case.
Plaintiff suffocated to death after a trachea tube was incorrectly re-inserted. This case went on appeal to the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and we were successful in being granted a new trial.

$437,000.00 – Medical Malpractice/Wrongful Death case.
The decedent passed away after an improperly treated coronary condition caused a heart attack, which resulted in death.

$373,687.43 ($298.687.43 verdict and $75,000 settlement). 
Client’s above ground heating oil tank ruptured and spilled 275 gallons of home heating oil onto her property.  The case was tried and resulted in a plaintiff’s verdict and one of the defendants settled prior to trial.

$361,250.00 – Property Damage Verdict.
Slip and fall on snow and ice on a driveway of a vacation home in the Poconos. Client suffered a bi-mal ankle fracture, which was treated with an open reduction internal fixation surgical procedure.

$342,550.00 – Workers Compensation Verdict.
Our client suffered a cervical spine injury, which resulted in cervical spine fusion surgery. The Workers Compensation carrier refused to cover the injury as a work-related injury. We were successful at trial and received a large verdict, which included attorney’s fees, costs and interest.

$325,000.00 – Motor Vehicle Accident Case with very difficult liability.
Our client suffered a traumatic brain injury and stroke. Obtained the policy limits in settlement, as well as under-insured compensation.

$280,000.00 – Property Damage Settlement.
Client fell down a dangerous set of stairs at a commercial establishment, which caused a shoulder fracture and surgery.

$275,000.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement.
Our client sustained facial burns during a routine dermatology procedure from a flash-fire that occurred in the operating room.

$190,000.00 – Bar Fight Assault Case/Dram Shop.
Our client was assaulted by another patron at the bar, resulting in multiple face fractures and surgery.

$160,000.00 – Workers Compensation Case.
Our client suffered an MCL tear that was surgically repaired.

$150,000.00 Products Liability Settlement.
Rear end motor vehicle accident, whereby we alleged the clients were more significantly injured because of insufficient safety devices, including malfunctioning seat-backs.

$140,000.00 – Amusement Park Accident Case.
Minor client suffered ankle lacerations from an unsafe roller-coaster.

$140,000.00 Trip and Fall Settlement.
Our client tripped and fell because of a dangerous sidewalk.  The client sustained a concussion and an ankle injury.

$137,500.00 Medical Malpractice Settlement.
Our client sustained permanent vision problems as a result of complications from a cataract surgery.

$125,000.00 Trip and Fall Settlement.
Elderly client was knocked to the ground by falling merchandise in a store.  She sustained a fractured hip with an open reduction, internal fixation, surgery.

$125,000.00  Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement.
Side-swipe car accident that exacerbated preexisting back conditions.  Lumbar Fusion surgery was performed.

$125,000.00 – Trucking Accident Case with Drunk Driver.
Obtained the policy limits from the negligent driver, as well as the policy limits for the under-insured policy.

$100,000.00 Motor Vehicle Accident Settlement.  Client was struck by another vehicle in an accident, resulting in an exacerbation of preexisting back and lumbar spine injuries.