Common Summertime Accidents in Feasterville

Common Summertime Accidents in Feasterville

If you live in Feasterville then it is important to know what the most common summertime accidents are in this region. When you experience an injury from one of these types of accidents, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney.

Personal Injuries From Truck Accidents

When you are injured by a truck in Feasterville, you might sustain brain trauma or broken bones. Today, many of the trucks on the highways in our region are huge, and if another vehicle is hit, it is very likely the driver will suffer severe injury. A personal injury attorney can help you pursue compensation for your medical bills and other damages resulting from the accident.

Summertime Accidents Involving Premises Liability

Many retailers and restaurants hire additional employees in the summer because permanent employees take vacations. In addition, these work environments are often busier, but in many cases, an employer doesn’t use the same caution when training temporary workers. Poorly trained temporary employees might make mistakes such as not placing a sign on a wet floor which can lead to a customer falling. A personal injury attorney can help the injured party seek damages.

Amusement Park Injuries In Feasterville

If you decide to attend a fair or festival in Feasterville, you most likely don’t expect any summertime accidents from poorly managed amusement park rides. However, many adults, teenagers, and children are injured by amusement park rides that are in poor condition or that are not operated correctly. When you experience an amputation or another injury at an amusement park, make sure to contact a personal injury attorney for assistance.

Construction Site Summertime Accidents

There are numerous construction sites in Feasterville in the summer because the weather is warmer. When a foreman doesn’t have the right signage to protect the people driving or walking past a construction site, it is possible for an accident to occur. If you are injured at a construction site in this city, then a personal injury attorney can represent you to protect your financial interests.

If you have experienced a summertime injury and think that someone may be liable, contact James W. Sutton, III, Attorney-at-Law, for a free consultation.

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